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Room Reimagination


With room re-imagination, we take your existing room - as is - and adapt its design, function, or style to suit your changing needs. Looking for an office to turn into a guest bedroom? Have a need for a new nursery? We take what you have and, with style and function at the forefront, turn it into what you need. 


Services include: 

  • Revised room layout with your existing pieces and / or new items

  • Decor selection + optional purchasing and implementation

  • Color palette selection + optional implementation (includes painting, if desired)


STEP 1 –– Consultation 

  • Initial Discussion: We communicate over the phone or via email to decide on a design style and budget. 

  • In-Space Consultation: We meet in your space either in person or through video chat to discuss the design possibilities within the context of your space.

STEP 2 –– Plan + Design 

  • Initial Design: We create two separate design plans for your space, based on your design preferences and budget. 

STEP 3 –– Design Edits 

  • Communication + Revision: We meet again in your space - in person or via video chat - to review the two design plans and discuss desired changes and/or additions.

  • Final Design: We edit and adapt the plan of your choice and present you with a finalized design plan. 

  • From this point, we can purchase and coordinate the delivery and installation of items for you, or you can purchase and install items yourself to accommodate a smaller budget. 

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