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General Contractor Consultations


Renovating your home and want a second opinion? We offer a range of general contractor consultation services, and work with projects of all sizes. Not sure if you need another set of eyes? We're happy to chat via phone or email to see what your project may need. 


Services include: 

  • Review of timeline, material selection, and associated costs

  • Review of proposed / implemented layout and design changes with respect to quality + all local codes and requirements

  • Survey of structures and systems installed to confirm proper installation 

  • General review of quality of work and renovation process 


STEP 1 –– Consultation 

  • Initial Consult: We chat via phone or email to discuss the scope of your project, the current level of completion, and any concerns you may have.

STEP 2 –– Site Visit

  • Survey: We coordinate with you and any other parties necessary to visit your site and conduct a full survey of the designated space(s).

STEP 3 –– Recommendations + Additional Services

  • Recommendations: Following our site visit, we compile a detailed list of suggested changes and recommendations

  • Follow-Up: If desired, we conduct follow-up site visits to ensure necessary changes are being implemented and offer further recommendations.

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