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the people behind the passion


We founded Springdale GC + Design ​with a mix of know-how, passion, and drive.

Want to know more? Take a look at who we are, why we do what we do, and how we strive to make our community a better place. 

Every project is different. So are we. 



Andrea + Brian Seymour founded Springdale General Contracting + Design in Charlotte, NC, with the goal of helping homeowners build homes and tailor spaces to align with their style, needs, and budget. 

Recognizing the need for more women in the renovation workplace, we opened as, and continue to be, a female owned and operated business, equally happy to be drilling through drywall as we are to be picking out light fixtures. We take pride in the strong relationships we develop with our customers, our consistent and clear communication practices, and our dedication to ensuring that your home meets your changing needs and styles at every step of the process.



We (really, really) love what we do, but for us, Springdale General Contracting + Design is about more than knocking down walls and selecting finishes. We want to help you, our clients, feel like your homes are your sanctuaries, your playhouses, you super-functional family headquarters: whatever you want and need your home to be. 

Being a small business with a growing family has allowed us to see the value not only in building a home, but also in adapting it for changing needs. Armed with our knowledge, experience, and passion, we'd love to help you renovate your home, adapt it to your needs, or simply help you turn one room into precisely what you wished it could be. 



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- Giving Back to Charlotte -

At Springdale GC + Design, we believe that we design our communities as much as we design our homes.


We have partnered with Foster Village Charlotte because we are passionate about supporting the local families who are opening their homes and lives for children in times of crisis.  

With each project we complete for you, we donate $25 to this amazing organization.