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We believe in a proactive building experience, with detailed, thoughtful processes to deliver a custom home to our clients that is fun to build, functional to live in, and led by beautiful design. 

Our Communty


At Springdale Custom Builders, we believe in elevating the building experience. Raising the norm through effective communication, partnership & our authentic processes/ procedures.

We built Springdale with our passion to build exceptionally crafted homes and we strive to educate our clients and community about the bui
lding process. 

The Pillars of Springdale are Communication, Transparency + Partnership.

Effective communication is essential to build a dependable relationship with our clients & trade partners.
Being transparent about our processes + procedures through our communication helps our valued clients understand the "why" behind the way our construction process works.

The partnerships that are developed throughout our projects, with both our clients and trade partner teams, are vitally important to our continued success.  


It all begins with an initial project overview call to discuss the objectives of your project.  From there we can schedule a site visit & determine next steps together. Reach out via the contact us above!  
  We take pride in the toughness & accuracy of our estimating. We are going ask a lot of questions about your project, clarifying finish levels, educate on building, looking into site logistics, weighing pros/cons with you & dive into the functionally for your home.
Putting together a detailed scope of work with precise and detailed overview of costs sets the tone for a successful project.
Upon completion of the estimating/ planning phase and approving the project proposal, we enter into the pre-construction phase.
The Pre-Construction phase is where we finalize design & make critical selections for the project.
  From there we begin scheduling your project and the fun begins!  Learn more about our unique process on the Our Process page.



We have partnered with Foster Village Charlotte because we are passionate about supporting the local families who are opening their homes and lives for children in times of crisis.

Andrea Seymour serves on the Executive Board of Foster Village Charlotte and works as a volunteer with the organization, assisting with anything from event support to delivering welcome packs to foster families taking in foster children.  In addition to this, Springdale was proud to facilitate the uplift of the new FVC headquarters and support the organization as a donor.

If you are interested in supporting this incredible organization, a link to their Amazon wish list can be found here.
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foster village logo small.png

Foster Village Charlotte

Built around the vision of a village, we partner with our community that long to be a part of a foster care system and see meaningful change in the lives of our foster children and support for the families that have opened their homes in times of crisis.
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