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Exterior Finishes + Selections


Hoping to turn your porch into the perfect patio? Looking to increase your home's curb appeal? We work with you to ensure that your house has a cohesive style, inside and out, and make your dream exterior into a beautiful, functional reality. 


Services include: 

  • Finish selection, purchase, and installation (sconces, doorknobs, etc.)

  • Palette selection + implementation (paint colors, wood stains, etc.)

  • Furniture selection, purchase, and styling (patio sets, umbrellas, etc.) 

  • Decor selection, purchase, and styling (outdoor pillows, wreaths, etc.) 


–– same process as interior renovation + design ––

STEP 1 –– Consultation 

  • Initial Design Consultation: We conduct a phone, email, or in person consult; includes style, purpose, and budget needs.

  • Site Visit: We meet with you at your home to clarify and refine your design style and renovation needs to optimize the use and purpose of your space.

STEP 2 –– Plan + Design 

  • Initial Renovation and/or Design Plan: We draft a plan for the scope of your project, including all applicable renovations, as well as decor selection and layout.

  • Design Review + Revision: We review all renovation design plans with you, tweak and tailor the plans to best fit your preferences, and agree on a finalized plan.

STEP 3 –– Implementation

  • Construction / Renovation: We complete all new construction and renovation, maintaining consistent and frequent communication (via phone, email, or in person - your choice) to ensure that your space continues to fit your needs and style. 

  • Finishes Purchasing and Layout: If desired, we coordinate the purchase and delivery of finishing items (e.g. landscaping items, window boxes, etc.) for your home (confirming all items and prices with you prior to purchase) and arrange the items within your space.

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