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Design Trends - Or Traditions?

The world of Design and Construction is an ever changing landscape - in every way imaginable. Design trends change by the minute - beige is in, gray is out, gold is in, chrome is out, open concept is in, it’s out - how does one keep up with the changes, you might ask? This can inflict significant pressure when you are renovating or building your home. What really matters though, is how these trends and traditions make you feel, and how they can enhance your space.

There are design methods, materials and patterns that transcend the test of time - and some of the seemingly most “trendy” of trends have been design staples for hundreds of years. For instance - checkerboard and herringbone tile and hardwoods - are installed throughout historical buildings in Europe - shown in several pictures below from my travels. Are you worried that painted tiles are a trend? They are installed on building façades, floors and walls throughout Portugal, Spain and Italy (some of my favorites pictured below from my trips to Portugal and Italy, and shown in one of our projects). Aren't the applications of these traditional materials spectacular?

The most important decisions to consider when evaluating which "trendy" design elements you’ll install in your own home is layered, and each component is of equal importance. First - What do YOU like? A great designer will listen to their clients and incorporate what their clients love, along with what is important to them into their design. Second - in order to extend the value of your design investment, make timeless choices that have the ability to translate over the years for your hard finishes - tile, cabinetry and flooring to name a few. Have fun with your soft finishes - pillows (Piper Co and Laura Park have amazing options), window treatments and paint colors are a great place to express your personality - I am particularly loving the monochromatic look of ceilings, walls and trim!

The great design trends are traditions - and the beauty is all around us! Enjoy a small dose of the beauty i've captured on my travels throughout the years:

All photos are property of Andrea Seymour of Springdale Custom Builders

Below - Decorative Tile, Exterior Façade: San Marcos Square - Venice, Italy

Below - Checkerboard Tile Floor: The Palace of Versailles - Versailles, France

Below - Checkerboard Tile Floor: The Palace of Versailles - Versailles, France

Below - Chevron Hardwood Floor: The Louvre - Paris, France (photo bomb: The Mona Lisa)

Below - Painted Tiles, Exterior Façade: Lisbon, Portugal

Below - Chevron Hardwood Floor: The Palace of Versailles - Versailles, France

Below - Hand Painted Wall Tiles: Lisbon, Portugal

Below - Hand Painted Wall Tiles: Pine Cliffs Resort, Albufeira, Portugal

Below - Herringbone Floor Tile: Galleria dell'Accademia, Florence, Italy

Below - Checkerboard Floor Tile: Uffizi Gallery, Florence, Italy

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