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Stunning Charlotte Remodel

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

There is nothing more challenging and exciting than bringing an old home back to life. We love combining our clients vision with our craftsmanship and attention to detail to create jaw-dropping transformations and make renovation dreams come true!

This south Charlotte remodel saw a 1960's home taken down to the studs. The interior elements of the home had essentially been untouched since the home was initially built. The exterior was in dire need of repair and the amazing large lot was completely overgrown. All that being said, the bones were good. We saw so much potential and completely transformed the layout of the home to bring every aspect to 2019 standards.

Exterior Renovation Checklist:

-Opened the roof and added 16 ft dormers

-Reworked existing front porch and added a railing

-Installed new windows throughout home

-Installed new roof

-Painted full brick exterior

-Expanded front door opening to include new double doors

-Removed 65 trees from the property

-Converted property from well water to connect to Charlotte city water and sewer

-Repurposed the old well water by connecting it to a new irrigation system

Check out this snapshot of the exterior before and after:

Gorgeous right? The interior renovation is just as shocking as the exterior!

Interior Renovation Checklist:

-Finished 1000 square feet of previously unfinished space on the second level

-Added a second staircase for a more convenient front access point for the additional living space upstairs and master suite

-Created a beautiful open landing at the top of the new staircase

-Converted one of the existing upstairs bedrooms into a huge master bathroom (including a 30 square ft shower) and unused attic space into a massive walk in closet, creating a sweeping 1000 square ft master suite

-New drywall


-New electrical and plumbing

-Installed hardwoods with custom stain throughout the home and seamlessly patched into 2 rooms with existing hardwoods

-Converted a dining room window into a double sliding door walk out to a new deck

-New doors and hardware installed throughout the home

-Designed custom cabinetry for the kitchen including a 14 ft island

-Fully renovated 2 existing bathrooms and added a new master bath

-Custom fitted the laundry room with a dog shower

Before and afters of the interior work on this stunning south Charlotte custom renovation:

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