Commercial Services


Planning to revamp your storefront or business space? We provide a wide array of general contractor and design services, and work with projects of all sizes. Want more information? Fill out our design questionnaire, or reach out to us via phone or email to start your consultation process. 


Services include: 

  • Interior and Exterior renovations

  • Interior renovations and / or design plans and implementations

  • Survey of structures and systems installed to confirm proper installation (and reinstallation / full renovation, if needed) 

  • Survey of code compliance


STEP 1 –– Consultation 

  • Initial Consult: We chat via phone or email to discuss the scope of your project, the current level of completion, and any concerns you may have.

STEP 2 –– Site Visit

  • Survey: We coordinate with you and any other parties necessary to visit your site and conduct a full survey of the designated space(s).

STEP 3 –– Recommendations + Additional Services

  • Construction / Renovation: We complete all new construction and renovation of existing structures, maintaining consistent and frequent communication (via phone, email, or in person - your choice) to ensure your space continues to fit your business needs and preferred design style throughout the process.

  • Decor and Finishes: If desired, we coordinate the purchase, delivery, and installation of items for your business space, from outdoor lighting to indoor seating. We confirm all items and prices with your prior to purchase.


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